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Nagaoka is an important Japanese company very active in the research of high-tech materials, its name to the historical roots of High Fidelity, the best accessories for the care, conservation and cleaning of musical supports. Nagaoka products are a guarantee for the audiophile, cared for and functional like no other. The Rolling Cleaner is one of the symbols of Nagaoka; in production for more than thirty years, it is made with elastomer, a material so soft that it penetrates into the grooves of your records to extract all the dust particles that sometimes cause noises in playback and often make the needle jump, a job that normal carbon fiber disc cleaner brush can not do. The roller has an effect similar to that of the record washer, it leaves the disc shiny and clean not only superficially but above all in depth, helps to discharge the vinyl from electrostatic charges and allows noise-free reproduction. The roller is passed in a radial direction, that is, orthogonally to the grooves. The force exerted must be moderate and the disc must be placed on a flat and stable surface (it is not recommended to use the roller with the disc on the platter). When the roller gets dirty it can be released and washed in cold water, we recommend keeping the roller protected from air, dust and light, in these conditions it literally lasts a lifetime becoming a real long-term investment. Attention, the Nagaoka roller is not adhesive, and does not damage your discs at all.

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